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We were brought up in a single parent household, raised by our mom. The impact of this has greatly shaped what I do from day to day. This was what drove Kenyans into embracing the ideals of Mau Mau and the war against the colonial power. Thus, many aspects of competitive politics in Africa are founded on ethnic politics based on who gets what, when and how.

Race, Ethnicity, and Nationality are an integral part of America. Leaders are far more prone to make appeals to the state for resources in openly ethnic terms than they dared to do in the one-party era. Princeton University Press, Nyerere, J.

The Africa encountered by European Colonizers in 19th century was multi-ethnic with different forms of self governing. I enjoyed writing it, and although it might not be one of my better essays, it was certainly one of the most thought provoking.

Personalization of political power and tendencies towards authoritarianism has occasioned repressive practices by successive regimes, including constriction of political and democratic, space and political assassinations.

Votes were now exchanged for a political position and expected redistribution of material benefits not only in Kenya, but in various African countries too. I have two sisters and two brothers; one of each gender older and younger.

An example would be Germans, who bring their culture and heritage and add these to the country of America. In the first decade of independence up to the end of the s, the political discourse was about nation-building, development and nationalism. Unfortunately, this approach does not capture the active aspect of ethnicity as has been used as a means of acquiring power and resources by the elite.

Ethnic groups, in Africa numbers in the hundreds, each generally having its own language, or dialect of a language and culture. People were lined up and caned by arrogant colonial administrators when the felt that the locals were disrespectful to them or sometimes just for entertainment.

Along the way, I also learned that not all people of African descent who looked like me were like me.

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There is a greater relationship between ethnicity and political power in Kenya. In response, I feel that they have greatly influenced not only my wanting to be a teacher but also how I will reach out to my students. Lloyd and Leo Srole. One of the main reason why Jubilee coalition won because it was a coalition made up of the two major ethnic groups in the country, and they had really mobilized their followers from the word go.

Various aspects of political parties come under scrutiny. In when Kenya attained independence, the whole country celebrated. As fate would have it, the Tutsi nationalist leader at the time, Rudahigwa, was working closely with Patrick Lumumba in the Congo against Belgian colonialism in the two countries.

In addition, competition for power was so high. I attended a prominent black Baptist church as I was growing up. In the same manner, the extensive use of patron-clients networks, left little basis for development of modern states. The fear of a possible return of the Tutsi to power enabled the Hutus to put in place structures and processes in governance to exclude them forever, hence hegemony of the Hutus in every arena of life.

Vintage Books, Leoussi, A. This impact of this made me more aware of the different circumstantial backgrounds of others. Almost immediately, various ethnic groups such as the Ijaws, Tivs, Igbos, Yorubas, Edos and Housa-Fulanis started coalescing and articulating strategies to influence the outcome of the convocation by presenting their positions regarding the constitutional conference.

That along with traveling with various school and county organizations to different places and participating in an array of different programs of study; I was able become more rounded culturally.

Ethno-politics in Kenya has been in existence since independence and it is understood that ethnicity and politics in Kenya are closely intertwined concepts.

Scholars who perceive ethnicity in its passive form adopt the primordial approach whereby they see ethnicity as based on primordial ties.

Communities that had co-existed in relative peace before and even during colonialism period found themselves competing for political power. Capitalizing on this, Coastal political elites have rallied local communities to band together on issues as a political survival strategy.

Whereas the Creoles dominated the political scene in pre-colonial era for the other major ethnic groups, Temnes and Limbas, to discover the power of ethnic solidarity in the struggle for political power.

This example Ethnic Group Essay is published for educational and informational purposes only. After claiming landownership, the colonial power defined, classified, numbered and mapped African ethnic communities to create administrative units their political and institutional control. The cause and affect of such and occurrence is something that will be with me forever not only as a teacher but also when it comes to performing other tasks.

These will include books, journals, publications of the United Nations and the European Union which complements the primary data collected. Westview Press, Stack, J. Download Essay Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all the help you need with your essay and educational goals.

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However, upon moving to a predominately white upper-class community I began to question such racial and ethnic ideas. From my adolescent years through today I began noticing that certain people are viewed differently for reasons relating to race and ethnicity.

My Ethnic Identity Essay Sample. My personal cultural background was full of many experiences that I carry with me from day to day to remind me what used to be.

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I grew up in what one would describe to be an upper middle class setting. I am the middle child of five. I have two sisters and two brothers; one of each gender older and younger. Ethnicity is a way of defining, differentiating, and organizing around a shared awareness of the common ancestry of socially distinct groups of individuals, such as language, culture, religion, or nationality.

Understanding Cultural and Ethnic Identities. Print Reference this. Disclaimer: or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of UK Essays.

Published: Tue, This unique characteristic of being humans also is a cause of diversity in our cultural and ethnic identity. From. Ethnic groups include, Mexicans, Italians, Chinese, Filipinos, Canadians, and many more. However, out of the many ethnic groups this research will focus on African Americans, which includes a range of similar ethnic groups.

Race and Ethnicity are controversial terms that are defined and used by people in many different ways. This essay shall explore the ways in which Anthropologists make a distinction between race and ethnicity and how these distinctions serve as frames for cross-cultural comparison and analysis.

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