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The world is too big, and we need people to help describe it for us. We try to stay on top of that so we can protect those tactical queries.

Teradata Data Warehouse – End of Useful Life

Another priority was consolidating and integrating the many isolated and often redundant stores of customer data located in the various operational systems. A We've got our foot halfway into active data warehousing at Sabre.

Sabre has recently experienced rapid growth, and the company quickly realized that it was at the center of opportunity for tremendous cost savings through data mart consolidation. After taking an active look at enterprise data warehousing, we eventually hired new people and started changing the way we view the work that we do, buttoning down a lot of the processes and really starting to fine tune our procedures.

However, traditional replatforming projects are prohibitively expensive and time consuming: In the course of their research, the customer recognized an opportunity to meet the mandate to modernize IT infrastructure by replacing their existing data warehouse hardware with modern cloud data warehouse technology.

Q With the operational system connected to Teradata, what is the value of the mixed workloads that are now running concurrently.

And that capability puts us in a unique position to be able to use that data in an active or operational way.

When you start doing your justifications and your ROI [return on investment] projects, the cost of "Store it once, use it many times" becomes a pretty sweet picture.

Teradata Applications on Azure SQL DW. Instantly.

When we see someone shopping a particular market, we can build a campaign and bring that to his or her attention.

Q Can you cite a good example of this marriage. On a typical host environment at Sabre we have a number of systems that are very expensive to run and maintain, but their uptime characteristics are very impressive. The ability to create a more personalized, relevant experience for the customer is a major goal at Sabre.

In a nutshell, it's the marriage of the historical context of the party to the events that are occurring in real time, and that's the union that happens with the operational systems accessing the historical data in the active data warehouse.

They're not a large part of the overall workload, but we think of them as our golden egg. Q How are you "selling" these projects internally. Preserve Business Investment Hyper-Q removes the requirement of rewriting applications—a long, expensive, and risk-laden process for enterprises—thus allowing the customer to protect their long-standing investments in the development of custom business logic.

A We have had a data warehouse at Sabre Holdings for about four years, primarily for a traditional back-office data warehousing view. The impetus for creating an enterprise data focus at Sabre was the success and continued growth at Travelocity.

Michael Hawkins, director of data warehousing at Sabre Holdings, discusses how active data warehousing affects the overall customer experience. Case Study Large Financial Services Institution Accelerates Data Warehouse Analytics Learn how Teradata and Attunity Visibility helped a large financial services institution monitor and control the performance of shared data warehouse resources.

CASE STUDY FORTUE GLOBAL TELECOMMUNICATONS ROVIDER Teradata Data Warehouse End-of-Useful Life As part of an enterprise-wide mandate to move to the cloud, a Fortune Global Telecommunications Provider was re-evaluating their enterprise data management infrastructure.

At. Get the latest resources on big data from Impetus Big Data Warehouse Solutions. Download or view white papers, webinars, data sheets, reports, case studies etc. Bob Dolmovich, vice president of business integration and data architecture, right, and Kyle Prescott, database administrator, share how foresight for future use of the Teradata Warehouse allows it to fill very different roles at Unum Group.

Much of Travelocity's success is credited to its innovative use of a Teradata enterprise data warehouse (EDW), which has been at the heart of its efforts since Register | Log Teradata Magazine-September top: More Case Studies.

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Teradata Statistics – A Case Study

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Data warehouse case study teradata magazine
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